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What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional print book.ebook image

It can be read on a computer or, depending on its format, may be downloaded to a mobile device.

Finding an eBook

Find it at CIT Library


Searching for any eBook:

Include the term "ebook" in your keyword search e.g. baking and ebook


Limiting your results:

On the side panel of your results list you have the option to limit to a particular format. 


limit to source type


Finding an eBook from a particular vendor:

Click on the links below to browse and access eBooks from the vendor's platform. Once you have selected an eBook, follow the links to begin reading online.

eBooks at CIT Library

The library purchases eBooks from several vendors. Each has a different "look".  All titles are listed in the catalogue, with a URL.

Please note: only limited printing or copying of eBooks is allowed. Once limits are reached by an individual, the eBook software will prevent further printing/copying by that user.

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