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Assistive Technology

This guide will assist students with a disability to access resources via assistive technologies and other support.

Accessibility Information

CIT aims to provide an environment where students with disabilities can study and have access to information, resources and services.

Facilities and equipment in the Reid Library Assistive Technology Room includes: 

  • desks with keyboard height adjustment
  • large print keyboards
  • 2 computers with assistive software
  • Dual screen with Large computer monitor
  • 1 computer with TV Screen

Bring your own headphones with microphone.

Ask Library Staff to make a booking for the Assistive Technology Room.


The Library also has 

  • An adjustable height desk for stand up study


Student Support has a range of low and high tech supports for students to use and borrow, including:

  • A Reader Pen
  • Digital recorders
  • Equity laptops with Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Trackerball mouse
  • Lumbar support rolls
  • Ergonomic keyboards

Student Support can also order digital versions of textbooks for registered students, and assist with applying reader software and formatting adjustments.

Express Scribe is audio player software that helps transcribe audio recordings. It is installed on Windows 7 PCs in Reid and Bruce Libraries as well as Gungahlin and Tuggeranong Learning Centres.


Word Talk is a text to speech plugin for Microsoft Word. It is installed in some computers in Reid and Bruce Library as well as Gungahlin Learning Centre. Ask staff to direct you to a computer with Word Talk.


WYNN Software highlights text while reading it aloud for people that have reading challenges and writing difficulties. It is available on all computers is CIT Reid and Bruce Libraries and at Gungahlin Learning Centre.

Reading & Writing Roadblocks: How WYNN Can Help - this table shows how WYNN can help with specific problems. A useful guide for considering some of the problems learners experience when reading.


Dragon Speaking allows users to write documents and control computers with their voice. It is available on the equity laptops. Contact Disability Support to borrow one.   


JAWS Software is a popular screen reader developed for people that have difficulty seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. It is available in Area 4 of Reid Library and in the Assistive Technology Room. 

Electronic devices have many in-built features that make it easier for people with a variety of disabilities and impairments to use. See information about:


Google Docs and Office 365 have functions that allow you to use your voice instead of typing. CITSA explains how CIT students can get Office 365 for free.


Assistive Technology Australia provides advice about a huge range of assistive technology in many categories.


Vision Australia provides advice and assistance with adaptive technology for people that are blind or have low vision.


Australian Hearing has information about technologies that help people with hearing loss in the classroom.


People with Disabilities ACT advocates for people with disabilities in the ACT.


Be My Eyes is an app that connects people with low vision to a sighted volunteer through a video call. Volunteers provide assistance with a wide variety of everyday tasks. 

Ginger Software is an easy to use program that checks your spelling and grammar. It can also read your writing to you.


Mindomo is a mind mapping app that also syncs to a desktop option. Mind mapping can be a useful tool for people with dyslexia and all visual learners.


Ghotit can check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. It includes a phonetic spell check for people that spell words as they sound.


Proloquo2Go is an app for people that have difficulty talking. It uses symbols for words and also has a configurable word prediction. It is available for Apple products.


Text to Speech Apps for iPads Some mobile devices have built in features for text-to-speech, such as Speak Selection on later iPads.  There are also many apps - here is a list of a selection. 


Accessibility features on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad) Assistive features for: Vision, Hearing, Physical and Motor Skills and Learning and Literacy.  Includes Speak Selection and Dictation features.

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Accessible Content

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This database will provide you with access to videos, e-books and online journal articles. Many articles have a listen option, look for the Listen button on the HTML Full Text articles.

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