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Referencing at CIT

Information on referencing styles used at CIT including Harvard and American Psychology Association (APA).


What is referencing?

Referencing allows you to acknowledge the source of information and ideas used in your assignments.  A reference and citation tells your reader what information you have used and provides enough detail for the reader to locate the original source of information.


Why do I need to reference?

  • To provide credit to the author/creator of the information and ideas you have used
  • To demonstrate your understanding of the topic
  • To show how much research you have undertaken
  • To support your argument and ideas
  • To provide information for your reader to explore the topic further
  • To show that you are part of a conversation with other authors


You also need to acknowledge the source when you have used the words or works of others in your assignments to avoid plagiarism. See the Plagiarism Library Guide for more information about plagiarism and strategies for avoiding it.


What referencing styles does CIT use?

There are many different referencing styles. CIT uses Harvard and APA styles. Please check with your teacher to determine which referencing style to use for your assignments.


How do I reference?

There are two elements required when referencing: in-text citations and a reference list. The CIT referencing guides (Acknowledging the Source - Harvard and APA) set out how to do both and provide examples for many resources.




Other Referencing Guides

Referencing - From University of South Australia

Information and examples for referencing Harvard and APA styles.


La Trobe University Referencing Tool

A very easy to use website. Choose which style to reference in and what you want to reference. The site will display examples to follow and give simple explanations.


APA Style

The official website of APA publishing style. This website includes an online APA tutorials, referencing FAQ and links to the APA Blog.


Warning: these guides may not match CIT style

If there are any differences in reference formats please follow the CIT guide Acknowledging the Source. Manual editing may be required.

DIY Referencing Tools

Cite This For Me

This website will create in-text and reference list citations for books, journal articles and websites. You can create a free account to save one reference list for 7 days or a premium account for more functions.


End Note Online

End Note is a referencing program that has a free online version. It will collect and organise all your references which can then be imported into MS Word or Mac Pages documents while you write. The references in your document will be added to a bibliography automatically. You can also upgrade to the Desktop version.



Mendeley is a free desktop program to help you collect, organise and cite your references. You can add resources straight from your browser either into the desktop version or into the Mendeley cloud. Mendeley has some videos to help you get started. 


Warning: these sites will produce references that may not match CIT style

If there are any differences in reference formats please follow the CIT guide Acknowledging the Source. Manual editing may be required.

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